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Conversation Between AzureDark and Rei

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  1. I thought it was on the album. Deleted.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but...doesn't Guren no Yumiya release on the 10th of July?
  3. Legsssss
  4. Apologies, I must have made a mistake; but Nagaragawa is actually Hitori Nagaragawa. ^^;;
  5. Oh I see. Thanks! ^^ I should probably just submit my translations directly to you in future, then...
  6. Oh don't mind that, it's for the same song, but I hid it from the updates page like always. When you submit only a t/l for an existing translit, renaming doesn't work.
  7. Oh, oops! Didn't see that on my phone. Yeah, I was thinking that I didn't remember translating it... ^^;;

    Although I'm afraid of living,
    my meaningless questioning continues.

    Which song was rejected, by the way? I don't quite remember what I submitted.
  8. I thought I linked it.
  9. Which song was it? >_<
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