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Conversation Between jalenrobinson11 and Sizary Momo

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  1. no problem.i'll add one more!
    and the gif is ulquiorra.he is truely
    my favorite character.
  2. thanks for adding pics
    also i added comments to your gifs
  3. ok.i'll try
    to add some.
  4. hi oh and um if you want you can check out our group photos or add some to our group
  5. thanks and i really am ignoring the people who judge
    people.i am really confident now that you talked to me.
    thanks.and your welcome for joining your group.
  6. hi i read up on your aboutme and i just wanted to say that im a tomboy too.i dont like dolls but i like to play video games like
    supersmashbros its a fighting game,sonic games,rampage,you a very great drawer and i like to sing but not in public.
    Ihave a twin sister whos just like me shes called blower on here.Anyway let me tell you how i coquered my fear.when me and my
    family went to church onetime we had to sing and I,Iwas the head singer.I knew if it was for god so I took a deep breath closed my
    eyes and sang just for him thats all Iwanted to tell you oh and thanks for joining my group
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