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Conversation Between Sabrina_Michaelis and Decim

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  1. Oh i see, well the creators are Japanese, probably hard for them to throw their culture away even though it's supposed to be in England and not in Japan :/
  2. I wasn't a fan of season 3 due to the lack of knowledge about how English people behave. We don't bow when we say sorry and the world wouldn't fall down if they cut that part out, for 2 seasons they tried to make Ciel look the most English and they ruined it.
  3. It's like the all season is just a filer...... it's not even in the manga :< why would they make something like that?? :/
    even the new characters were awful...... *sigh*. well, at last they made season 3 it was awesome!
  4. I haven't but I watched the ending of it, slightly of anime? I watched the ending since it isnt canon
  5. Oh tell me you haven't watched the second season? it was awful..T_T
  6. Yeah I like Black Butler. Haven't finished it I watched 15 episodes of it and then the whole season 3 (the right order)
  7. Yes!!! I live and breathe Sebastian xD
    You are too?
  8. Black Butler fan?
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