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Conversation Between Princess Minako and blueangel06661

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  1. Well... He's insulting the girls family... So are you going to give him the rude and insulting speech too or is it just me?

    I tend to stay low until there's something I disagree with.. Of course I post nice things around. But no one gives a flying rubber duck until something negative comes out of my mouth.. Then it's just like a swarm of piranhas. People need to learn to chill and grow some backbone. Stand up for themselves rather than cowering to moderators.. Their parents.. etc etc.

    Being called immature when you're being immature isn't really bad. There are worse things I can say.
  2. If you're acting differently irl and on the forums, you're being fake somewhere. And practicing this skill now makes it easier to utilize it when you are a manager. There is a difference between being fake nice, and just not being rude and insulting. You don't have to be super cupcake sweet, just don't blatantly insult people. Why would you want to/need to anyway?
  3. Yeah... Well being kind to people on AF gets you nowhere. Been there done that they just walk all over you. Come to you for praise. I'm done with that. I tell it how I see fit. Being a member of AF =/= Manager position.. You'll probably never hear me say a bad thing about anyone irl. But on the forums I tell it how it is to me. It's not like I'm going to lose anything. I've already tarnished my reputation... I don't have any interest in getting it back since it's just fake anyways. Fake being nice to people fake acting like the kindest person in the word fake everything. Saying what you really want to say makes you feel better.
  4. You call it being yourself but in the real world, the working world, you will insult people who will close themselves off to you. As a manager I know if you want people to listen to what you have to say & not write you off you have to first kill them with kindness & then present an argument devoid of emotion. If you place emotion in an argument & are insulting in anyway no one will listen to your point, no matter how good or valid it is. Blunt is not always the best tactic if you are trying to get people to see your point of view or convince them of one that is contrary to their initial belief. You have to lead them there logically & KINDLY.

    Would you be willing to listen if I just responded "NO you're just an immature kid who blasts people all the time with no regard for anything else, you're insensitive & unkind & have no empathy towards the human race! Grow up CHILD"... no you'd respond "sorry I can't have an opinion on the forums, & you're being a wench" we'd have gotten no where
  5. So my apologies mam.. Really x.x

    Your view of flaming and mine are a tad bit different...
  6. part 1: it was too long

    Well... Duh?? What did he expect?? Don't say things about other people if you don't want it said about you?? I have a problem with how he is treating his girls family on the internet and he's just a typical teen. I'm sure if he was a father he'd flip shizz if he found out his daughters BF was posting how much he hated him on the internet.. He's being narrow minded.. I may be narrow minded too but I still see it in a wider prospective I guess.

    I'm sorry if that's how it comes off as flaming but it's really just the honest truth. I don't view it as flaming. What I consider flaming is "WOW you're such a douche bag idiot blah blah blah I don't say anything related to anything when I post but you're still a douche" I know I'm harsh. I can't help that I come from a forum where they actually post this warning
  7. Part 2: it was too long

    "As another warning:
    Off-Topic is the unfriendly section - A section where there is zero respect or sympathy. Threads rarely stay on topic and newbs get attacked just for being a newb. Do not complain about posts in this section, for we will do nothing about it."

    I hang out with people who are not babies like here on AF. I tone it down A LOT.. But some emotions still bleed through and I try to knock it out but my feeling towards yoko is that he's being very rude and disrespecting his girls family on the internet and that's final. I'd consider doing something if my BF did that. But I guess that's just me. For the rest of the word it's okay to talk badly about your significant others families online.. And over a love letter none the less. -shrug-..
  8. I'm going to just put it simply. Its not JUST that you called him immature. Its the FLAMING. You went on and on about how if you hope his childs significant other hates him and posts it on the internet, and how if you were this girls mother, you'd never allow him back into the house. You have good points, and you make them... then my head drops as you KEEP GOING with flame after flame. If you could just stop before the name calling and bashing, you'd get a lot further with your arguments and points of view. Next time you make a post, go back and remove the personal attacks and you'll find that your argument is much more solid and harder to refute.
  9. What. I didn't say anything disrespectful nor insulting.. Problem? lulz.
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