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Conversation Between EJTranslations and Rei

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  1. Yeah, it probably makes more sense to put it under anNina. I'll do that!
  2. Hmm, that's a tough one! I feel like people would probably be more likely to look for it under anNina, but I might be wrong. I'll leave it up to your judgment? I can always put it both places if you'd like.
  3. Hey bluepenguin. I've got this album by anNina that's produced by Voltage of Imagination- which category do you think it should go under?
  4. Omg. I...might have submitted the ED for Yuri on Ice twice. My queued songs showed up as 0, so I thought it might be a similar error which happens with shows with apostrophes in them.
  5. Yeah, I haven't been keeping up too well, but I saw the lyrics when you submitted them and checked it out! And yeah, both of them have done anime theme songs individually, but it's cool that binaria as a unit has one now. I'll have to grab that single when I get the chance.
  6. Have you seen this? binaria's finally going big time! ...or well, I guess they were quite big on their own already. It sounds pretty good though.
  7. No problem! I did wonder if that was what you meant to do, but it's JoJo, so, I mean, you never know.
  8. Oh god, looks like I messed up the title for the JOJO OP. It's just Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town. xD Sorry about that!
  9. Hey bluepenguin! For the title translation of 'Gyakuten Winner'- may I suggest that it be changed to 'Turnabout Winner'? I understand that it might be the transliterator's choice, but it's sort of been the running theme / official translation throughout the entire Phoenix Wright series.
  10. Okay. Sent it to your e-mail!
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