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Conversation Between Eris and DOOM!

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  1. c'Mon nam, you can't be ignoring my calls curdling
    I need you sig icant live without what I want from you
    I need you


    explain that tesseract thing I didn't git up on
  2. Maybe i'll pay a visit to your frigidlands one day...
  3. Yep. Times change.
  4. IRL's been stealing my time too. Curse my damn job and career D:
  5. Hey, bro, long time no PM. Oh, right, b& 4evr. Like what you've done with the place. We should get together and talk money some day. The IRLs been keeping me busy lately. Write ya soon!
  6. I feel we've been growing distant. Did you grow a serious grudge on me while I've been psychologically away?
  7. What the hell? That was necessary public education material right there!
  8. As a hater, I gonna.
  9. You hatin'?
  10. Thanks, I like your too, good sir.
    tl;dr story, bro
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