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Conversation Between Kagome and Samet Chan

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  1. Alrightly, I will ask owner AF maybe. I just accept your skype friend x3
  2. I don't think you can use css in that. My pic was naturally centered...
  3. I ask one question. How did you put css in "customize profile" (background-image: url(http\3a \2f \2f i65\2e tinypic\2e com\2f 2lrs6r\2e jpg); background-repeat: repeat; }). Which I used Page Background "url(;"

    I saw your background is a center.
  4. You're welcome x3
  5. It's fixed now~ Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for the friend request too.
  6. Hey, ^^"
    I saw your background image was something broken. My own eyes are an illusion of this background. I can't read x3
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