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Conversation Between -GAZKUL- and sunnyside

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  1. I thought you were waiting on alisallthat. But it looks like it's actually you up next. Her last post was and my reply follows
  2. If you liked the movie check out the graphic novels sometime. Three of them are covered in the movie pretty well, but there are others.
  3. haha kinda, was a bit curious about that comment so i watched the trailer for it and then got a copy in town. what a movie!!!!!!
  4. Ooop, scratch that, she's in with a post!
  5. Alright, I appreciate you waiting for her, but I think it's time to keep moving, hopefully we can get her onboard later. In the meantime you can just bring her along and I'll take her skills into account.

    Maybe figure that she was just looking inquisitively at the rubber thing, as if wondering where Glaudio recognized it from (actually I'm curious if you remember :P )

    Oh hey, I notice the sin city stuff in your profile. Any chance that's from my comment earlier about how I imagined Glaudio looking at this point in the game?
  6. Ahhhhh My eyes! So bright here!

    Anyway posts are up, I'm hoping you and Narona can get some posting rhythem going.
  7. Hey, Narona is in with a post!
  8. No problem, it's all good.
  9. Bah, you have the worst luck with RP partners. I'm sure it isn't you, you've done a great job of being inclusive especially with Narona. That's just how the forum is (hence why the RP board is a heaping pile of dead games).

    If they aren't on by Thursday I'll run them sort of as NPCs and keep this rolling.
  10. Heh. Yes, they really ought to do another Battletoads, with some old school flavor.
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