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Conversation Between SuXrys and Disconnected Outsider

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  1. I don't like the idea of putting contact lenses on my eyes. IT creeps me out. Plus I probably wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open to do it. My glasses fit pretty snug. They've got auto-tint on them too, it just takes a while for it to kick in. Once they kick in I'm already inside. -_- Why do people like us have to suck so bad at math? Talk about unfair. You'll probably pass one of the exams. Determination can get you pretty far. I've never heard of Arthur Christmas though.
  2. Ha! Yeah I know right! xD Im sitting right now with the glasses on the nose (havn't ordered home new contact lenses yet) trying to study but the glasses are just falling down to the tip of my nose all the time... I feel like a stereotypical anime-figur, just having to push them back up all the time with one of my fingers, haha! Sooooo annoying! Yeah I really suck at math too, honestly I don't think I will pass the exam tomorrow but I think I will go down and do it anyway and hopefully I can manage atleast one of the parts of the exam (its going to be divided into parts) so I don't have to have as many parts to the retake-exam that is.... some time in the beginning of january I think. Anyway, talking about christmas, watch Arthur Christmas if you havn't done that yet. These last couple of days I have watched several times between the study sessions and I LOVE that movie, haha! So funny.
  3. Ouch. >.0 That's just one of the reasons I wear glasses. I hear contact lenses fall out from time to time too. Plus I don't like the idea of something on my eye. :/ I'm pretty much borderline legally blind, so I need glasses anyway.

    I suck at math. xD I hope you're better at it than I was. If you are, you should be okay. ^_^ I can't wait till Christmas! Everyone in a happy mood and that huge Christmas dinner! ^_^ ^_^Elf is a pretty funny movie. The kind of tea I have you just put water into a small cup and microwave it for a minute, then put a tea bag or two in for about 10 minutes, then voila! We don't have a kettle. ^_^;
  4. Well its... so so. I just found out that I have no spare contact lenses so right now I am walking around with my old glasses aaaaaaand I am not that comfortable with them, ha! It's just that my eyesight is really horrible so right now I have a really clear "box" that I see really clearly in and around that box in my eyevision it's really blurry. Kind of like this:

    Other than that I am trying to study math (its not going so well), I have a test next week, and another one the week after that. So relaxing that you always have so many things to to at the same time right before the christmas holiday, haha! Are going to boil myself a cup of tea and then watch the movie "elf" and trying to get more of the christmas-feeling. ^^
  5. I don't either by now. Sorry it took so long to respond. I've been pretty busy. But not much to say about nothing going on over here either though. Except my PS3 is broken, but I still have my Xbox 360. So that's a relief. How about these days for you?
  6. I don't even remember what test we even talked about xD

    Fine fine, nothing special or over-the-top-new-exciting-news to report from over here... :o
  7. xD Well at least it's over with, right?

    So how have you been?
  8. You mean the test? I don't remember! xD
  9. It's okay, don't worry about it being a little late. I haven't been on here for quite a while, so I'm really the late one. ^_^''

    But that's okay, games can be really addicting so it's probably for the better. xD

    But so did you make it?
  10. Oh snap this reply came late xD

    Nah I don't play that many games actually. Sad, very sad. Do you?
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