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Conversation Between SuXrys and Matty

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  1. SUXRYS!!!! Damn; I've been away for three years, and I just got your posts (((( Totally awesome for the vids you sent me; my bro has an action figure of the fire and ice dude; too awesome! Star Wars episode 7 this December!!!! I know you'll be watching it too!!!
  2. Somehow I came to think of you when I saw this clip:
    How does that feel? xP

    Perhaps the music that should be played in the background during out epic battle?
  3. Why are you trying to lie to yourself.... You know you can't win against me... -___-
    (lol, LOVED that video thought... xD)
  4. Haha; just posted this on my blog, but I think it applies to our EPIC battle, lol.
  5. YOU WILL GO DOWN!!!!!!!! *growls*
  6. Awe shite; it's on.... but we do this CANADIAN STYLE!
  7. Totally; we'll have to duel, lol.
  8. I am so jealous! "Borrow" one and send it to me! ;D
  9. My eight-year-old nephew has a bunch of lightsabers that make the noises every time you move them, or make contact with objects. I ALWAYS get him to duel me anytime I see him; lol. Would get some of my own, but thinking it might make me a little too nerdy. I'm already on the egde of that, lol.
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