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Conversation Between Digimon_Sommelier: and symphofear

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm staying the course in this world. In other words: I'm well.
  2. Hi! Happy New Year! Was busy in 2018 completing my studies while working and finally graduated. Last year 2019 been into a relationship for the first time in my life hahaha.
    How about u my friend?
  3. HELLO, YOU!!

    I'm doing great. How are you, old friend?!
  4. Hey there! How are you? Hope u r doing fine! It has been 2 years!
  5. I have just posted at the blog page and after which I realised I held up quite a bit of space in the page hahaha.
  6. Cool! Send your Digivice collection via PM and I'll take a look at it. Enjoy your week.
  7. You too! =D. Btw I have yet to show you my digivice collections.
  8. No worry. Blessings.
  9. Hey thanks for dropping by =). I guessed, i will have to figure my way out of my anxiety problem. Unknowingly, I might have affected some of my friends badly. Need to clear myself up before getting back to them.
  10. Hi, you rock! I sincerely hope you have an awesome week!- Som
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