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Conversation Between DOOM! and Tycke

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  1. Oh no! *dramatic dueling commences*
  2. Admitance is the first step to recovery, they say. I'm still recovering myself from dumbness.

  3. I AM DUMB
  4. Aww it's allright. Dewey cox is just as faboo as if it were Bowie there in his place.
  5. I've never heard the original of this song! Thanks for the link.

    Btw am I a horrible person for liking the Dewey Cox version of Starman more than the original?
  6. Why yes, I am the Starman. Bowie made a song for me, how sweet!
  7. More to come as you progress.
  8. Omg, thanks for the gift. I love it.
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