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Conversation Between AzureDark and Rei

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  1. You okay? Do you need to talk? Saw you troll - it must be some sort of self-release but if you need say something else then I'm willing to listen.
  2. mmm... well, okay I guess.
  3. Azu, I was thinking of doing (Last Melody from Broken-Chord), but the lyrics can't be found anywhere. Is it all right if I translit it anyway, because I can clearly make out all the words?
  4. Oo So it's someone you know. I'm put at ease then.

    Haha thanks! ^^ 期待します~
  5. I know who Fujisaki is, don't worry.

    oh and Happy Birthday dearie. Expect something nice coming your way soon.
  6. Thanks for the dedication, Azu :3 Indeed, it is a victory against SL. ^^ I'm touched <3
  7. Phone double-posted on mw.
  8. Yep, but they don't get stolen if they don't turn up on the updates page. Your call here, Azu. Come to think of it, they never did use to steal t/ls.
  9. I noticed that they stole my Cirno t/l now too, but I swear the t/l came after the translit; so if this happens, I think they use the show page to steal stuff instead of the updates page.
  10. Here. Clever bots they have there...
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