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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Weird, I haven't heard a lot of bad things about Deadman Wonderland. The opposite really, I've seen a lot of people recommending it. Maybe they were taking about the manga, since I'm assuming that's a longer running series...

    Assassination Classroom is awesome. Mainly comedy and "wth did I just watch", but it's actually pretty sweet at times, (even during some of the assassination attempt scenes, wut). I think there's only 5-6 episodes out so far, but I know there's over 100 chapters so I'm probably gonna start reading it because I'm impatient like that.

    I can see it being one of those 'love it or hate it' anime, but damn it's awesome so far imo.
  2. I have no idea, it apparently did terrible in Japan was stopped after twelve episodes and a single OVA. It was pretty good imo up until the random end. They didn't even make an actual final episode for the season, it just ended like a normal episode. Such a shame, it was pretty good imo.

    Edit: Wikipedia says it follows the manga.

    Never heard of the assassination one, how is it?
  3. omg zombie

    I dunno

    Atm I'm only really watching ongoing anime, like Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Ghoul. x: Is the Deadman Wonderland anime adapted from the manga or is it just one of those anime that went its own direction and failed at the end? I hate it when that happens.
  4. Ryu pls


    I need an anime to watch. Preferably one with an actual ending that won't piss me off *coughcough*DeadmanWonderland*coughcough*
  5. I know the feel. It's why my current goal is getting to Colorado. I plan on getting to Littleton and getting an actually decent job somewhere. It seems nice. 65 year round average, annual snow, low humidity, decent amount of rain...

    Not to mention Littleton is the town South Park is based on and is also where the only convicted cannibal in the US is buried. So it's bound to be a pretty interesting place. The legal weed helps too.
  6. Fail management is fail. Smh.

    I'm so jealous agh. I love snow, but the most we've ever gotten here is just morning frost and sometimes sleet. It's already starting to heat up a bit here, so I'm sad. It rained this morning for like 20 minutes and that was it. ;-; I don't wanna go into another summer without even enjoying a week of decent winter weather...
  7. The managers didn't see anything. We asked what to do about the pallet and they just basically said figure it out. I never saw the lift they mentioned. We had someone who had worked there 5 years who had never even heard of a lift being around. IMS is a terrible job. Undersppreciated, hardest job in the store. Not worth the extra 35 cents.

    Below freezing used to be pretty rare here, but the last couple of years have been great. We even had a few weeks of snow last Feb, which is unheard of. I've only seen snow twice.
  8. Yep. Typical. Not even a warning or anything, just someone was in a shitty mood I guess. Was the guy watching the whole time or was he told about it afterwards? Or something? That'd be really dickish if he saw the whole thing and just waited until she was finished with her shift before firing her. If anything, that one manager that neglected to train you guys with the lift shoulda gotten some grief about it, but I bet he/she didn't. That sucks, I'd probably be livid if I got fired over something so stupid.

    Well, winter is usually pretty decent here, rain every couple of weeks, lots of below freezing nights, etc. But this year... I think we maybe had 2 nights that went below freezing. And 2-4 days of rain I think. It's not fair. :C
  9. The managers were terrible too. Have a problem? Figure it out or get out. We had a girl get fired once because we had to get a pallet of stuff down from the top bins. Another pallet had collapsed onto the one we needed because day shift half-assed everything. She and another guy set up some ladders and she climes up into the bin to restart the pallet. End of the night, the second her work was done, she was fired for "improper safety practices." Other guys was written up for not telling her not to get up there. Apparently we had a scissor lift that noone knew about or was trained on except for one manager. Everyone was pissed. I ended up getting fired for not being able to come in after I total'd my car when a lady pulled out in front of me.

    If you like rain, you should come here. I live I the rainiest US city. It's nice aside from the humidity, people, and nothingness.
  10. Funny thing is is I just left out of the blue, too. No formal calls or paperwork or anything. Pretty much just a "btw I'm moving so I can't work here anymore. Bye lol". So I think they just put it down in the paperwork that I got fired. Yet they still want me back. Silly people!

    Makes me sad that we've had such sunny weather here in CA. It's Winter dammit, bring me some rain and thunderstorms pls. :C That's hella cool though, I remember reading about fireballs as a kid and I've wanted to see one so bad since then.
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