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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Yeah, but it didn't surprise me. Funny how every wolf regular made it.

    Tbh, I didn't even know we had a literature forum or I'd have probably applied there too xD
  2. General A&M, Literature and RPG. Dayum though, a lot more probies got accepted than I thought would.
  3. Vidyas and welcome. You?
  4. Yes, "accidentally".

    What forums did you apply for btw?
  5. Oh hey, you got probie too. We gotta be careful not to accidentally ban each other.
  6. There are plenty of people here who aren't super into anime though. A lot are more into the art or videogame forums. Hell I think we have more of those members than actual self-proclaimed 'otakus' rofl.

    Ah yes GoT. Can't wait to see people struggling to read/write in braille and Korean again. LOL! Ofc I wanna host another game. I have a Hetalia one queue'd up (because stereotypes are fun now, y'all!), but I'm not sure when we're gonna start that back up, or when we'll have enough members. I'm not gonna expect a huge amount of members for my games, but I do wanna have like 15 if possible.
  7. Still by far my favorite moment in Wolf. We made Kai jelly with how great that was.

    It sucks that most of the old school players aren't around/active anymore. I'vé tried getting people in, but none of my friends wanna be seen on a weeb forum lmao.

    AFC2 would be pretty cool, but I'm also looking forward to GoT. Sure to be a ton of shenanigans there and I missed the original. You ever plan on hosting again?
  8. Lolol nothing says friendship like an accidental double suicide. Lmfao. XD

    Yeah I'm really hoping we can get some newer members around soon so we can start expanding the games again. Kaitou was saying he wants to host an AF Chronicles II but there's no way he will with only like 10 players, which is understandable.
  9. I was bored and reading over my old VMs and realized that we pretty much became friends by team killing each other xD

    Those were the days man, large games with lots of chaos.
  10. Oh god, it's a Kai game too. I'm just gonna grab someone from the last thing I watched and I guarantee he'll make fun of my choice xD
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