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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. S2E8 just aired the other night, Toonami gets the world premier each weekend. It's an amazing and fun show. The music in the show follows a rule where they can't use any instrument made after 1984 and each episode has a different art-style. Some episodes are like watching MSPaint doodles move around while others are like a living watercolor. There doesn't seem to be an overreaching plot, so episode order shouldn't matter.
  2. I have 3 seasons of South Park on DVD, plus the movie, and if I wanna watch any other episodes, I usually just go to Besides when I had my DVR, I was still living with my dad, who's the sort of uber-easily-offended Mormon that woulda erased them as soon as he saw them on the recording list. :c

    As for Space Dandy, no I haven't seen it yet. I've been wanting to though cuz it looks hilarious. How far along is it on Toonami? I might catch up on episodes over the internet then start watching the new dubs each weekend along with AoT.

    And.. mafiascum is kinda lame, yeah. xD; I only played around 4-5 games, but they were just so dull. No intensity or twists due to the 2 week day phases. Like wth.
  3. Lol, mine is loaded down with South Park and anime xD Do you ever catch Space Dandy?

    Lynching a possible Lover Role is still pretty risky though. I thought about trying out Mafiascum once, but the phase times all looked really weird.
  4. I'd probably ruin it if I tried doing that, I'm just too competitive to sit by and watch how things play out. xD Closest thing to confirmed town? While yeah, she hadn't been inherently scummy per se, it's still possible to have one Lover role as town, and the other as mafia. If mafia night kills the townie Lover, then the mafia Lover would suicide. But if the town lynched him/her, the mafia Lover would revenge kill another townie. I was playing a game on that had that sorta set up. I was actually pretty certain that CM and hollow weren't official Lover roles though, and that it was just a personality role. There were a lot of them this game.

    Pffft, I don't have DVR anymore and it makes me sad. But luckily AoT is free on-Demand so I'm not too sad. xD
  5. And that sounds amazing O.o

    Dvr is love, dvr is life.
  6. It works in multiple ways. The Wolves won't nightkill you because you're an easy scapegoat. The Town won't lynch you because you're obviously a jester. Excellent way to stay alive. Then you just pay attention to how people react to you. See who all takes the bait and who ignore it. Part of how I figured you out was because you never cared my reason to vote because you knew I'd say something pointless, but when I voted you, my reason suddenly mattered to you. The second you voted Hollowdoll though is when I was %100 positive you were Mafia. You voted for the closest thing to confrimed town we had xD
  7. Yus, it'll be on Toonami on the 30th. I hope it'll be episodes 1-17, since ep 17 is the farthest my game will go in terms of spoilers.

    Gazkul Phenomenon Technique, ehh? Is that just to see who tries to point you out as the easiest lynch or what? Tell me thine secrets~. :3

    Yeah, I love heated conflicts like that. It was fun. xD
  8. AoT marathon?

    And yeah, I suspected you a lot sooner but I wanted to have more evidence before going for you. The Gazkul Phenomenon Technique worked well with getting evidence xD

    Very well played though, Ryu xD
  9. Heheh, to be honest I thought you would have tried to lynch me off a lot earlier. The mere fact that I was the only other one to lynch Hydrus with you, I expected you to be at my throat right away. xD It was fun playing it off though. Even if you had killed me, I would've enjoyed seeing how Deathblade would have played it off. He did really well it being his first time and all.

    Anyway I was kinda hoping this game would have lasted a bit longer, cuz I wanted to give everyone enough time to watch the AoT marathon next weekend before setting up for my game. xD
  10. You can't fool me!

    But anyway, gg and such. You had soo many scumslips this game, you're so lucky Maru intervened xD
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