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Conversation Between モノクロ猫 and Sighanide

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    Sorry for the late reply T_T

    Forgive meeee...
  2. Nothing much :3 How about you?

    Sorry for the late reply again xD
  3. xD
    So what's up?
  4. I'm trying x3
  5. Stay with me man, stay with me T_T
  6. Did you finish it? Did you find it scary? Did you have your sound on?
    Sorry, but as a game dev I gotta know these things.
  7. LOL
    I started laughing when I heard about it xD
    By the way, the game is fun! But also difficult x3
  8. True, that's why I bought a PS3. However, I bought it last christmas, so two months later (before I even really had games for it) the PS4 is announced. DANG IT xD
    Speaking of which, I made another game recently:

    Whatcha think?
  9. Same here xD
    PCs are awesome :3
    But it's fun to play the console once in a while.
  10. PC
    I don't like consoles much :/
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