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Conversation Between masterwazaboo and SigmaSD

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  1. Hey man~~ Do you still use this? If you do, hit me up sometimes. I'm back again<3 Hopefully for a longer time now.
  2. hahaz, you still here i guess~.
    Kinda forgot my password, my username aswell XDDDD
    Found the only lyrics i posted on anilyrics, and finally found my username and got this acc bak!!1!
  3. the trip already finished idk, sounds like your misunderstanding?
    i'm already home and it was fun
  4. Oki oki. Are you having fun so far?
  5. i slept alot coz of the jet lag, gtg catch up with the animes
  6. Oki oki. See you when you get back. =3 =3
  7. heyy, came back was fun, really tired so gonna sleep
  8. Hello, what is up? How are you today?
  9. last day att nz, internet cafe
  10. Awws, don't be scared. Its going to be fun fun. Hope you have a wonderful time.
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