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Conversation Between Suzume and aether

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  1. Hi Nii San!!!
    How are you?
    How's life?
    It's been a while
  2. Keep on working hard and I'm sure you'll reach what you want to do but remember to take a break every now and then so you don't burn yourself out.
  3. Yep. Hopefully I get into med skol.
    I badly want to go to AIIMS or AFMC.
  4. No problems

    I'm glad that everything resolved itself out in the end
  5. Thank you
    Everything is resolved. Happy
  6. Hey no matter what happens your family will be there to support you and your friends who you know who are true will help you through it

    And what happened 2 days ago?
  7. I hope so as it's been the same for the past one and a half month.
    Something new just popped up 2 days ago.
  8. We all get moments in our lives like that and they usually pan out okay in the end. Okay they might take awhile but after a bit it'll pass by and sometimes something good comes from it all.
  9. That's awesome.
    My life is like a rollercoaster at the moment.
    A bit frustrated
  10. Hey there!!!

    Its been awhile how are things going?
    I'm not too bad finished Uni now and doing temp work at the moment
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