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Conversation Between Simphoni and Sighanide

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  1. Ohai xD
    How are you doing again?
    Recently, I've had two bands playing marathons in my head right now:
    "Nirvana" and "Radiohead".
    Heard of either of them?
  2. I like those songs too
    the dude who did "Every Day Is exactly the Same" (his name is Trent Reznor) has done some work you are probably familiar with, he recently he did the soundtrack for the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

    Just curious, how about these ones? I bought these today (leftover birthday money), and I really like them:

    I actually wrote some tracks myself, for a video game of course, 'cause that's what I do, make video games xD

    Here's a playlist of all the soundtracks, you don't have to listen to these, but if you're curious, tell me what you think of them
  3. Thats nice!!!
    I've never heard of any of the songs you posted here!!!!!!!!XD

    WOW!!!! You really listen to different kinds of music!! The 1st 1 was a bit too slow for me!! But the 2nd 1 I was singing along....... and dancing!! Every day is exactly the same is a super cool song dude!!!!!
    The 3rd 1 was freaking awesome!!!!!! I was dancing all crazy like doing the worst robot ever!!!!!! But it was hilarious!!!!XD
    You have an awesome taste in music dude!!!!!!!!!!
    i like alternative myslef...........
  4. Been doing OK.

    u an audiophile like me?
    uh, I listen to pretty much everything, but mostly Rock and Alternative, sometimes Electronic.
    Here are some samples from my music library:

  5. Aha!!!.........
    Life's been boring!!! It has its ups!!
    n u?........ And what music u like?
  6. Well then. Hi. How's Life?
  7. Whats up there stranger!!!!
    Nice to meet you for the 1st time!!!!!!
    What ya doing?
  8. whats up?
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