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Conversation Between scaredyxkittyxrinny and Sympathy

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  1. i'll give you my skype if you like, if you have skype.
  2. I hope so but I don't think I will, I'm too much of a scaredy cat. o~o
    I work from time to time, yup.^-^
    Well, I know and I am trying to learn the ignore and move on trick, it's gonna take a while till I get there.

    I don't mind you asking but I won't say it here.o^o
    I used to play soccer and baseball so I'm interested in those along with some tennis. Almost any anime/manga except for the romance ones.
    Yes sir.o^o)7 I'll hit you up.~c:
  3. I'm sure you'll get past that in time. I did, anyway, at least i slowly am. Yeah i work part time so i'd consider that work.people are gunna be mean pretty much anywhere you go, the more youre exposed to it the thicker your skin will get.

    how old are you if you dont mind me asking? what sort of music, sports and anime/manga are you into?, the only sport i can tolerate is mixedmartial arts. as far as music, i like all sorts of metal and classical - thats where the best melodies are. anyway if you EVER wanna talk to someone, dont be afraid to hit me up, i mean it
  4. I-I tried to be like that once, ; - ; people were really mean to me so I immediately quit.
    The fear of getting judged gets me so bad that even on the internet I can't get past it.
    You seem like a nice person to me so I don't think you need to be nervous while talking to me.~c: I don't judge people at all.
    Lol, I hope so. o^o

    Oh r-really? That sounds really awesome.
    Do part~time jobs count as work?
    I mostly draw, write, read, play sports, listen to music, watch anime and recently I started reading mangas so you can add that to the list too.~c:
  5. nah, i'm just outspoken on the internet and sarcastic everywhere, and it comes off as being a dick. i'm pretty nervous on the internet too, but having anonymity helps me get past it. i especially get nervous talking to women, like right now. people won't perceive a bad image of you, you seem like a nice, honest person. and lots of people on this site are socially awkward, so you'll fit in.

    i live for music, i listen, write and record. music does all sorts of wonderful things to me. i appreciate a good singing voice or melody, they're very powerful to me. anyway, do you work? what sorts of things do you do for fun?
  6. Hello~c:
    Nice to meet you. I am glad to hear that but does that mean that you re mean to every guy around here even if he is an innocent passerby or a friend? o^o
    I'm just really, really self~conscious, even over the internet because I don't want people to perceive a a bad image of me. ; - ; I'm socially awkward even on the internet. u - u

    I just appreciate a good beat. I'll listen to any kind of music as long it has good beat.~c: Ah, no I just like listening to it. I was particularly interested in the rock genre recently but moved on when I heard too much J-pop. u - u
  7. hi, rinny. i'm Tony, the resident prick, but i'm nice to girls. you indeed seem very shy, but there's really no reason to be that way on the internet, since you're entirely anonymous. i'm insanely shy in person but on the net i'm very outspoken.

    enough about me. i see you're interested in music. do you just appreciate it or also write? what sorts of music interest you?
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