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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and Anime Forum

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  1. Heh well still.

    Also VM's are probably the worst way to reach me, I have too many unread PM's, so the notifications get lost, and with no other message telling me it's there, it can take a bit for me to notice.
  2. Its all good man, stepped down months ago so its cool!
  3. happy bday dude
  4. It's more than the usual thing, but I guess so long as we get a good slogan out of it. And PMs are a much better way to reach me, I check the forum on my cell most of the time, and there's no popup for VMs, so I don't always notice them.
  5. Are you sure? 30 isn't to much?
  6. Ah sure! I saw the thread, can cover the prize.
  7. Hey. Can we talk about my AG slogan contest?
  8. Alright, sounds good.

    Btw I was wondering. Whats up with your broken avatar?
  9. Heh, no, any update done will keep content. I don't want to erase all the work already done!
  10. Oh. I thought the articles were going to be deleted upon update.

    Thanks for the tip.
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