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Conversation Between animangachik315 and Will Phuah

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  1. So, how you doing?
  2. its cool, no worries
  3. Sorry, didn't know it was you on Facebook, didn't check AnimeForum. ><
    Anyways, thanks adding me once again.
  4. mine's a fake name, it's Chunhi Kim, just so you know it's me ^^
  5. Haha... My Facebook name is Watayo Hirashi, feel free to come add me.
  6. aw if i had known, i would have saved some...

    and i you

    hey, question; ii was wondering if you had a facebook? cause i'm always on there, and this site loads painfully slow at my house...
  7. I got wishes around my class and even from my class teacher. also got some on Facebook too. But I didn't eat cake. XD
    Don't worry, I'll make sure I remember to wish you next year again.
  8. hbu? how was yours?
  9. it sucked :P we did nothing, no one cared, i just ate my cake. Alone.
  10. Welcome~ So what did you do on your birthday?
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