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Conversation Between Evengelic and SaraG25

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  1. It was awesome hopefully we can do it next Christmas too.
  2. A HAYRIDE?! :o that sounds so awesome n.n
  3. We usually have Christmas at my grandparents, but they are currently living in a smaller house (they are building a new house) and us being a big family, we just wouldn't be able to fit all of us. So we had Christmas over at my aunt's and uncle's house. We did a hayride, which we haven't done before so it was cool and different.
  4. Oh good n.n how was it different? :o
  5. It was good^.^ it was a little different but it was a good different
  6. Mine was wonderful :3 how was yours<3
  7. How was your Christmas?
  8. Thank you^.^ Merry Christmas to you too!
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! c:
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