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Conversation Between sunnyside and ELR

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  1. Not allowing me to send private messages and not behav is chopped up into one HUGE paragraph... sgh* it is up at least. My apologizes.
  2. Sam is hoping to figure out if something inside the building could be used with the crystals. If that fails then he will resort to figuring out how to dismantle the mecha-squid. He realizes theyre some type of power crystal just unsure how they work and what relevance the crystals had with the golems. His wonder of if it does is if it could effect the mecha-squid.
  3. Just checking to ensure there isn't a bit of confusion. The crystals are the power source for a machine Shisoune wrecked(it was controlling the Golems). Based on quotes from Shisoume and the timing of things Sam could probably put that together. The damage is likely to extensive to do much with it although.

    -I suppose you might be able to take a bunch of the more important looking stuff in the hopes of working with some techmage student to repair the thing.
    -Could maybe via a bit of luck (karma) figure out how to put the crystals together and understand, at a simple magical level, how to charge them. That could give him an explody sort of thing.

    Is either of those what you're shooting for?
  4. Putting it as simple as possible, a lot going here at home. I check and read whats going on and then when it gets to night time and i open the laptop to reply i crash. Trying to come up with something right now since i found a break. Before I log though I will post something, even if it is just two or three sentences. Maybe it will help Tetsu come up with a game plan of where to go or at least continue on in the story. Sorry for not replying. *Bow* But that is the gist of it.

    How are you?
  5. I noticed your mood was set to "stuck help me"

    How goes?
  6. Thank you for your help on pointing out what needs fixed. With how things are it is greatly appreciated. Funeral over, er scares over, and only thing left is the tree and hopefully back with a vengance on here.
  7. Okay, edited, Hume can too, may put as another as well, sorry. Also put the question up along with another. Thank you!
  8. Well, I am not really restricting it to bangaa (did not even realize I only did them, another thing to fix xD thanks sunny) or that yoh have to fully do both, it is a minimal of 1 skill from both job things. If someone chooses to do it then they can choose both jobs to begin with. I should probably put that question in the faq xD need to stop not sleeping so everythig gets done right lol *gives cheese stick* <~< cheese sticks are sacred to me so enjoy.
  9. Ah. I put the wrong name in. Fixed.

    By the way, if I'm reading things right, only Bangaa can be Dragoons because they're the only ones with both Warrior and Blue Mage in their jobs list.

    Do blue mages get any skills/spells?

    Is it that being a dragoon would take quite a while in game, as you'd need to start out as blue mage or warrior, then take the other, and then take on the dragoon role?
  10. XD think we all mixed that one up, Shisoume was lead, then Mami, Mizuki, Samsilius, the Hiro taking the lead. Ill just take what we got from you thouh.
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