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Conversation Between Tycke and Kaitou+

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  1. Add me and I should be able to help.
  2. Feel free to add me since that was my intention

    For example, my ID is "Kaitou-Kid" so that is what you put in yout AF Profile Steam field.
  3. I'm so confused on how to get this to work. Can you help? I followed the directions here : with no results. The directions when I'm linking here don't make sense either.
  4. Btw I clicked on your Steam and it leads me to an error. Ripppp
  5. Ah booo. Me and a lot of people are more active there.
  6. I do but I rarely use it...
  7. Do you have Discord
  8. I agree with your second comment. It's nice to have a place and you know everybody.
  9. Where do you work at if I may ask? And what kind of job?

    I signed up here over 10 years ago because I was young and I wanted to make an anime so I was recruiting people to join the didn't goo to far but at least I did maanged to get a good team, somewhat. I never signed up on A4 but its already too late I bet.
  10. That's not really the best way to put it. This place seems pretty chill and low-key. On a lot of forums it feels like you need to be "in the know" and I don't get that feeling here. It's refreshing.
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