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Conversation Between Wio and Skylar1

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  1. How did you end up with so much Gil? Send some my way next time you're on.
  2. It's been a while indeed. I hope that past disagreements haven't spoiled future conversation. I did want to apologize for some of my less digestible comments in the past, because I have matured tremendously and moderated to actually exist in a "real world" point of view. I do quite miss our conversations, and do feel remorse that I was mostly to blame for sour sentiments. If nothing else, I only wanted to let you know that so I can have closure about the situation.
  3. Wow, you completely disappeared for years and suddenly are back.
  4. heh. was going to do just that.

    I've just been a little busy this morning.

    Bump that thread. This news as important as the legalization of gay marriage.
  6. This is good. It'll take me some time to read over the full information, but this is definitely useful. Thanks
  7. OK, I did some in-depth analysis on the effect a minimum wage would have on welfare burden.
    It's inconclusive. You'll still learn something if you read it though.

    Either way, minimum wage lowers the amount of productivity.
    In the long run, welfare acts like a minimum wage by decreasing the supply of labor until it is equal to a minimum wage.

    A loss of productivity mean that less people have what they need. Not everyone can have what they need due to scarcity of resources. A loss of productivity also means there will be less tax revenue with which to finance welfare.
  8. You have to put @ [user] then a semicolon.
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