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Conversation Between Wio and Tycke

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  1. ((What? How? They didn't know what the triforce was and she convinced them it was some other thing?))

    That's what she told me at least. She went to a 4 year school while I went to community college and worked so I never got to witness it firsthand. All I know is what she told me. And to be honest I hadn't really thought much about it, only taken her at her word, but thinking back it's equally likely that she found a new meaning to her tattoo, one that she thought up herself, and wanted to present it to me in a roundabout way so if I thought it was dumb she could play it off. I thought her explanation/new meaning was fine and made sense but I was miffed at her lying to someone else. Nonetheless, if she didn't lie to someone else she instead lied to me to cover up her own thoughts.
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