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Conversation Between Wio and Takatofan1986

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  1. I... Replied to your message last night, or at least I thought I did (It was really late and I was tired) But now its gone? Weird. Maybe in my half asleep state I forgot to actually click post message? XD

    - AH, That's why! I didn't notice my message was too long! I'm going to PM you ^^
  2. I'm doing well. I'm only a few years younger then you.

    Do you remember when you first joined this forum and why? It looks we we both joined at a similar time, relatively speaking. Of course I was off and on and only came back a week or so ago just to see how dead this place is.

    What is the most times you have rewatched a show?

    Is Tamers your favorite season or do you just like Takato?
  3. Not much, how about you?

    Yeah, I'm old ^^
  4. Hey Takatofan. What's up?

    Were you born in 86?
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