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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and AnimeFrost

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  1. Hey Long time no see! Hows it going?
  2. Im doing fine XD how bout you?
  3. Yo, how're you doing?
  4. So as it doesn't for me, guess I should really give it a try, thanks for suggesting it

    Btw, do you like photography? :P
  5. Yes it is really GOOD!
    When my friend told me about it, it didnt sound very appealing to me but i tried it anyway and im not regretting it
  6. Yeah, that's what I read in some wikipedia description :P
    I read it was about cooking and food and making some menus and that didn't really attracted me though I love eating xD
    Is it good nevertheless?
  7. Hmm Toriko is about uhh... Cooking! but your gonna have to watch it lol I cant explain right >.<
  8. Wooh, you can handle all those animes at the same time? :P
    One Piece is my favourite but from a while I'm only reading the manga. I left Fairy Tail paused at about episode 60 for resume later and I am quite interested on Toriko, could you plz tell me more about it?
    And I'm watching and keeping up with Kuroko no Basuke, really love it
    Also I finished Death Note and started with Durarara
  9. Hello! XD Im fine thank you!
    Im currently watching:
    Kaze no Stigma
    Kuroko Basketball
    Hayate no Gotoku
    One Piece
    Fairy Tail
    SKET Dance
    This is all that came in my mind at this instant lol.
    Im Reading manga a lot more then im watching Anime lol.
    What about you? What Anime are you currently watching?
  10. Yo, how are you doing today? And what animes are you currently watching btw?
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