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Conversation Between ilovekissxsis and OtakuInu!!!

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  1. You pinpointed it correctly~!!! Yes. I speak Tagalog. (:
  2. ah cool so are you from the philippines then? (my geography sucks so i might have that wrong :S) do you speak tagalog aswell?
  3. Yeah. I went to a con. Then in La Union (it's a province here in my country).
  4. lol XD. Sounds good, where did you go to??
  5. Cool! I'll send a housewarming gift, but I can't. xD

    I'm enjoying the last days of my summer vacation.
  6. yeh im doing great thanks XD i just bought a house with my friend so im getting ready in moving everything(i hate moving stuff -_-), but im pretty excited ^_^.
    So what are you up to then??
  7. You're most welcome! I'm fine thanks for asking, you?

    Thanks for complementing my ava!
  8. oh hai !! xD thnx for accepting :], How are you? your avatar looks crazyawesome! O_O
  9. Thanks!

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