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Conversation Between 小美ドクロchan and GameGeeks

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  1. Tell me what your user name says or I'll kill a cute anime creature on the minute every minute.
  2. If that's you in your profile pic, then you remind me of Riku from FFX.
  3. No, because you're busy.
  4. Lol why? Don't like cons?
  5. That makes me want to bug you more.
  6. Leave me alone! XD I'm busy okay? Getting ready for a con.
  7. That was a week ago, I predict a month before the next comment.
  8. Huh, over what? o.o
  9. Seems we have a bit of an airhead. That or a pinhead. You're pick.
  10. Oh LOL...typical is me. XD
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