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Conversation Between AzureDark and Hikarin

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  1. Yeah, I know, I was naughty. ;p I usually do, but it seems like it just wanted to taunt me for that one time I did that! ><
    While I have your attention, are we allowed to submit drama tracks to CDs? I know they're not lyrics, but....
    Also, can we have a thread put in one of the sections for people to submit English songs done by Japanese artists like Akeboshi for example? I mean, we can't really submit them ourselves, cause we technically didn't transliterate anything. =x
  2. Well, if anything, because your net is unstable you should save your work on a textfile first. There are online storage places and saved drafts as alternatives too.
  3. Ah, crap. =_= That was an unsaved revised version too. I hate this new "upgraded" internet. <.< I went to send a long email yesterday only to be logged out.
    *sigh* I'll have to submit it again on Monday now....
  4. Your submission for misery was cut off midway so I couldn't put it up...
  5. It has? Oh, I didn't even notice. =3 What are you apologising for? We're all busy .
    So, could you understand anything of what I said, or did I just sound crazy? ^^
  6. Actually the test has already been reinstated. Sorry I wasn't around, was at my aunt's birthday party
  7. Ehe, I see!^^ Yeah, yeah that works :3
  8. Replied to the wrong person lol anyway, er I suppose I would need for your t/l to be on the queue and I'll put up my translit at the same time I'd be approving it?
  9. Oh! By the way, I asked Honggi, and apparently he did play two MMOs in the past, if only for a short time. They were Silk Road and The Lord of the Rings. It was very surprising for me :3
  10. He? Really? That's actually quite interesting but I never knew that. I was fooled with the innocence O_O I never knew that's why they were called "I've" either =0 I actually have Crash Course and never realised anything different. I was looking for KOKIA music a while back and downloaded a song called "Bumpy Jumpy" from some game called Natsu Yume Nagisa. I should have realised that one just from the title. ;p Ah! I just looked up that game and Tsukiko sung some of the themes! =0 *searches for the lyrics* But yeah.... I can't believe how oblivious I am to all that!><
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