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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. Oh momo, that's WONDERFUL! I remember that you earlier didn't liked school that much so reading that it gets better and better for you is really like candy for the ears. ^_^ Hahah, not one this time but two of them? Oh dear, sounds like you have your hands full. xD What are we going to do about you momo? ;D I am not doing so much myself, not that many guys that are currently swarming around me, just my fiance, are currently working 50 procent in a class with second graders where I am in charge of them in the morning during the first hours and then their regular teacher comes in and takes over later during the day (are going to be there until the end or mars) aaaaand.... yeah, it's my birthday tomorrow, going at 24, so be sure to great this old sister of yours ;D

    *enjoys the hug*
  2. Well right now schools been nice.People actually say i'm what they
    call "popular?" O.o That's weird i've never been actually known
    a lot by so many people. ^^" and right now 2 people are crushing over me which
    is disgusting!! I'm still in my "guys have cooties stage" xD
    And lately i've also been playing a lot of video games. @__@
    Plus i missed my Big Ni-San SuXrys! Q-Q *gummy bear hugs*
  3. Teaching is okey, are working 50% at the moment and are going to do that until the end of mars, then we have to see.... Hope I can continue to work somewhere, don't feel like walking around unemployed. I need money for the summer and until the schools starts again in the fall!

    Money $ ~

    So, tell me, what are you up to? :P Im listening to the song from the Les Miserables movie on Spotify - lovely.
    If Hugh doesn't win an Oscar then something fishy is going on!
  4. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
    HOW'S TEACHING!? >3<

  5. So, I guess this one kind of fits for this situation?


    AND NO PORGÈ LE HABLA ESPANIOL! (yes, I can't speak it (at all)). xD
  6. It's my birthday today!
    My present was to have you talk to me but....;-;
  7. SuXrys~
    Porque no estas aqui? ;-;
  8. I would stop lying if i did but i didn't. >:3

    I don't think it was the flu.But i'm better now.I just have a
    cough.I think i had a fever.


  9. We got a badass over here. ;D So stop lying, it's not good for you. ;-)

    Aaaw you're sick? Is it the flu?
  10. Happend? I do know more english than you!
    *sniffle* Sorry for the late message i'm really sick.
    I kinda feel like puking a bit too....
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