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Conversation Between HateSpawn98 and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. "Please, Luffy would own Light anytime", I didn't understand this, sorry :P

    Glad you love One Piece too, it's kinda hard to find people here who love it, as long as to other long animes...
    Ah ah, I'm really loving it so far, the plot is so involving and changing all the time, just awesome I've donwloaded all the manga chapters as well but so far only check it a bit.

    So, what else animes do you like?
  2. Please, Luffy would own Light anytime. Then again i'm a hardcore One piece lover.
    Death note was really good, I watched the anime and read the manga which by the way was amazing both times around, I hope that you enjoy the story line! Mwhahahahahaha!

    I will be sure and check out your character

    Hope to stay in touch also!
  3. Hey there, I'm Pedro from Portugal, nice to meet you
    So, you're also a Death Note lover? I'm currently at episode 27 and really enjoying it's awesome plot full of twists and stuff, guess it's going towards replacing One Piece as my fav anime, only 37 chapters but so far feels like 100 or more and the story goes on so quickly

    Your dream team thread is really nice, already left my character on it, hope you'll like it

    Take care and hope to stay in touch!
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