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Conversation Between AzureDark and Rei

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  1. Yes...unless Kaitou Ace can figure out how they're doing it. Even now...
  2. so that still doesn't work eh... there's still another drastic limiter before it needs to be completely gone.
  3. We should really remove the updates page altogether...look at this.
  4. ...he's not from Steins;Gate >_>
  5. なら...まゆりちゃん?
  6. ah that... err it's not Ruka, although I used the meme that was about him when I was talking to animeyay it was only that...
  7. Isn't it Urushibara Ruka? The guy who looks so much like a girl and sounds so much like one actually a guy. Lol. Yeah, I've only watched the anime, as well. Apparently he game is awesome.
  8. lol who? I seriously need to get on with playing the game he's in though. >_>
  9. ...Oh. I just realized who your next covergirl is going to be, lol. Nice.
  10. Nothing, just some keyboard-mashing
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