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Conversation Between AzureDark and masterwazaboo

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  1. The other day I was thinking of changing it, I'm tired of looking up the pages people steal the answers from.

    I only need material - it has to be an obscure song with good examples of particular words, grammar structure and the problems in parsing common in all song translations.
  2. Azu~~~(are you still moderating the japanese tests?)
    When I first took the test(which was 4 weeks ago) it went on hold because you guys were changing the translations, and since then, it's been the same test for 4 years - how unlucky was I XD
    I'm Japanese and English is my 2nd language but man, the translation is pretty damn hard.
    I feel like it's gonna be a fail again but I did the translation test again(let's see if I improved in 4 years), so if you can, moderate it in your free time? <3
    PS: I learned what NSFW was from you when I asked for your siggy image, (I was 13 back then LOL) - man good times.
    (plz no automated replyerino)
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