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Conversation Between -Ro- and RyuTama

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  1. The only way I could play is if I do what the Rebel is doing and take the time to log into a school computer and read through all the posts lol. But that doesn't seem fun to me, only being able to log in like once a day. Plus I'm still in school and my classes are going to be hard so I don't know if I can make time to play. But I still wish I could play your NF style game though. D: Well we'll see what happens. Who knows, maybe I'll miraculously end up with an internet connection that works out good for me and I'll play. =D

    I've been reading through v15 and I now get the reference at the beginning of the current game where you said Maru had you and zombie kill each other xD. Now THAT was unexpected!! I'm half way through 40+ pages of reading :x And thanks! It's been fun playing with you too!
  2. Aww that's lame. I'm kinda nervous to host mine, but you should totally join if your internet is still up. I'll be attempting an NF type set-up because I'm an overachiever. o: And lol, Scruffy's DBZ one was fun too, but as usual I didn't last that long. XD

    I've only been playing for a few months and I'm already getting nostalgic too, what is this? The last two games I've played with you have been fun; I hope you stay.
  3. The Rebel said he won't be able to host a game for a while because he lost his internet and is now using the school's computer. I've never hosted a game and would like to but I'm about to lose my internet connection again so I'm not sure I'll even play future games let alone host one. But maybe someday in the future one of us ole timers will go back to the old school rules again. I know Kaitou would be disappointed with me if I did that though. xD

    Yeah masons are always fun. But two mafia? Now THAT'S COOL. I've only seen that at Naruto Forums. I think I'll go back now and read through v15 onward lol. You're making me nostalgic plus I'd like to see what happened while I've been gone. I'm so jealous that I missed Scruffy's dragon ball z one. D:
  4. I think it'd be interesting to see what the games with the older rules was like. I really only have a vague idea. Maybe you or Rebel could host one? I know Kaitou won't. xD I like trying to keep up with the logic. It gives my brain a different kind of workout after being fried by college studies. It's a nice change of pace.

    Masons are fun. I was an indie mason with animeyay in Kaitou's "AF Chronicles" game (v17, I think?). That was one of my favourites because it had 2 different mafia factions, which was cool.

    I don't remember seeing a Naruto one. o_0 I'll have to look at that and the Pokémon one. I remember seeing it but I don't think I really read through it lol.
  5. I'd like to read through the 10 games or so that I missed to catch up on things but haven't gotten around to it. To tell you the truth, I do kinda miss the whole outside communication thing. It made the games more fun in some respects (but there was rampant cheating involved lol). It's been replaced with logic which is good in some respects and not so good in others. I'm just not apt to following all the logic and long posts. And it gripes me when I see so many logical fallacies taking place. That sucks to get lynched as a bullet proof protector. I remember surviving three games too. Once as a mason in naruto game v6, town in the pokemon game v9 (the most cheated game EVER), and a townie in the awesome v7 game =D. My reads are never right but good for you lol. I usually play only a very random guessing game.
  6. I've looked through some of the older games, but there's not much to read since there was outside communication allowed. o.o; And yeah, I've only landed mafia twice, so I'm usually night killed by wolves or lynched by town for "trying too hard". :x I won't forget the game that I was lynched D1 as the freaking bullet-proof Protector. XDD I can thank Scruffy for that derp. I think I've only survived 3 games... once as a townie and twice as an indie. It's always fun seeing what the outcome is though, and it feels good when your reads are right. =D
  7. 10 games huh? I've played 15 games now but most of them were a while back when the games first started here.

    Aww that's too bad D: You always get killed off early on then? Well I hope that changes for you. That's what used to happen to me a lot too. In the earlier games I was frequently killed off early by the wolves I guess due to my aggressive play style. I would always seem to get town so they'd always kill me. =( But now I seem to be getting myself lynched out of boredom =D
  8. Then again you could always use that as some sort of reverse psychology. xD Or just for lulz.

    Hehe, thanks. I think I've played 10 games now, the first and most recent of which I haven't been very active through though. Not to mention the ones that I either get lynched or night killed by D2, so I don't have much of a chance to actually participate. xD;
  9. Yeah. If it was the beginning of the game that'd be one thing but for me to do that twice in a row with the loss of 2 members already is simply unheard of.

    You know you don't seem that new to mafia TO ME! You seem like a pro at this point with what you did in the last game taking on two of the mob in dp1. Me I've been around so long I've resorted to trolling or something. I've never been good at following all the logic that comes up in the games. However new or not you're pretty good at this stuff ^^;
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