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Conversation Between Digimon_Sommelier\ and Kagakoko

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  1. I hope so too
  2. She bailed on AF. I guess, she had other responsibilities. Perhaps she'll return.
  3. No problem I wonder what happened to tycke
  4. Okay. Thanx for the reply! - Som
  5. Though I'm not active their anymore even if I log in their I just log out fast lol
  6. I consider you to be friend here and over at; your kindness is appreciated, Kagakoko!
  7. Aww ok
  8. Sorry, but Discord is not for me. I have an account for My Anime List but I never log on, especially since I forgot my password. Thank you for reaching out to me. ~ Hope all is well, Kagakoko ~
  9. I wish you could join me their
  10. I been good and active at my anime list discord group made so many friends their from other countries
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