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Conversation Between Hikarin and GameGeeks

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  1. Don't think we'll meet at the same time again.
  2. Lol. Well, in truth, I won't be as active as before, but due to that, I won't disappear so suddenly again at least. ;'p
  3. Yeah, just in time for me to be much less active. Funny how that works.
  4. Sorry for going away without replying to you vm. I'm back now. ^_^
  5. Gonna pester you.
  6. Nope, but the impression I got was you'd be lost without playing the game.
  7. Hehe, but sometimes it can be fun like that! xD The Liminality series that came with the first .hack// games was rather.... interesting if you've ever seen it.
  8. Bad is one thing, not having one altogether is another. They simply cut it off and are like, by the games to see how this plays out.
  9. Oh, don't get me started on conclusions! xD There have been so many bad ones here and there over time and then there's the one's that just end sad like Kiminozo.
  10. Just didn't find the characters as likable as the first one. Though I do kinda hate the first one since they never gave it a proper conclusion.
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