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Conversation Between AzureDark and animeyay

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  1. ありがとうございます!^^病気だけどねww
  2. 誕生日おめ~
  3. Exactly what I thought. I've demoted them, and their lyrics will be deleted after a week if no one claims them.
  4. Okay, I left xxxHoLiC11's most recent submission ("HAATOBUREIKU HEDDORAIN") in the queue because the English translation seems to be a direct copy from here. I highly doubt that's xxxHoLiC11's website. お仕置きはAzureさんに任せま~す
  5. かしこまりました~
    yeah, his submissions were sometimes borderline plagiarism. it's like he changed a few things and claimed them as his own. I'll have to keep stricter eyes on him then
    This person is under suspicion of plagiarism. Please check their submissions and see if some are inconsistent with others, or if the lyrics pop up at sites that are known to contain work from an original translator.
  7. かしこまりました~
  8. ahhhhhh makes sense~ lol
    yay! you figured it out!!
  9. I see what u did thar... you used the decimal code point while I used the Unicode one (#x2606). I think the system stores the raw input and it took yours, so if you try to put in anything into one previously done with my unicode hex input then it won't work.
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