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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Curiosity. I'll be going in a year or two and have been looking for someone to ask what it's like.
  2. Das ist correct~. Why?
  3. You be in college, correct?
  4. Yeah, but I don't know how many more games I'll play. School is starting back, games are slowing, and my laptop started blue screening on startup now.
  5. The next time we both land mafia will be epic. Kinda sad I didn't have much of a chance to redeem my derpy scum self this time though. :c
  6. Lol, at least we aren't the same faction this time xD
  7. Not a double lynch, but close enough! :'D
  8. Mmm, I still have to tell Kaitou to either postpone my game or just move it behind someone else. With finals coming up there is just no way in hell I'd be able to keep track of everything. Plus after disappearing for those couple of months, I don't think it'd feel right if I just came out of nowhere and hosted. *shrug*

    I have most of the roles ready, but don't expect it up until at least the beginning of May. ._.
  9. So when is your game going up?
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