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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. So I started watching AoT

    And my god

    I can't wait to see what you do with your game
  2. Episode four just aired the other night. I'm only able to watch through Toonami xD But it seems really interesting and I like the bits of hyper-realistic animation.
  3. Lol no. Everything beyond the childhood/training arc is crazy. Just get to episode 5 at least... C:
  4. Does every episoe of AoT progress as slowly as the first three? O.o
  5. Yeah, but you still should when you get the free time ΛΛ

    Eleven people isn't a big game though xP
  6. I hella would, but I'm crazy busy with stuff at the moment. I'm surprised I can even play now and then, although I know I'm not near as active as I used to be. :c Being a host would be way more time consuming though. Well, if I made another big game like LoTR, anyway. I'll probably make up a couple role rosters just for the fun of it though.
  7. You should totally sign up to host the next game.
  8. Yeah, I was Cloud the Protector my first game. That was back when games were mostly Vanilla. And actually I think LoZ was your first game because we were both wolves xD

    But, yeah, they do make the best ones. Kai wants to cohost the South Park game with me, so that should be fun. We need more players, though.
  9. Final Fantasy would have been so fun to play. D: I wasn't really active in my first game, since I didn't realize how fast-paced it was going to be. I was more used to Forum RPGs, where posts were made maybe twice a day, if that. o.O So it really caught me off guard lol.

    I wish we had more Wolf games by Scruffy. Him and Kaitou make epic games. @@
  10. My first was Wolf 12: Final Fantasy hosted by Scruffy. He's who taught me how to play x3
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