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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Lmao xD
  2. I just... couldn't help myself. You see what you guys have done to me? XD
  3. I died when I saw your usertitle
  4. Yeah, and admins.

    But I completely agree. You can actually identify with the characters rather than just sit there thinking "Psh I wish."
  5. I already emptied it lol. Sorry about that. I guess only mods can send messages when an inbox is full? o-o

    Yeah I doubt Netflix would have it dubbed yet.

    RIGHT? I hear so many people complain about how "why did Hannes just split like that?", "why is Armin such a crybaby?", "why are they just standing there?". It's because they're all HUMAN, and they all have flaws, and moments of weakness. That's why I like it so much.
  6. Hey, yer inbox be full.
  7. 26 episodes are on Netflix, but I'm not sure if they're dubbed or subbed and the episode titles are different, so I haven't touched them.

    They do such a great job of making it feel real. When they freak out, it's almost like actually listening to people so terrified that they break down. And it's not like your usual thing where they're just badass all at once and the enemies possess no threat. They actually show fear and emotion and it's just so damn well written.
  8. Actually, I was showing my nephews the most recent dubbed episodes, and I guess episode 12 is already available online.

    Personally, I love how it takes time to explain the depth of every situation. It adds a lot more reality to it imo. Then it gets to the intense fighting scenes, and you're like OOOHSHIIIET SON HERE WE GO.

    Ya, the flashback with Mikasa and Eren was pretty depressing, but it explains a lot about why she's so broken.
  9. I did, episodes 11 just recently aired. It's amazing. It progresses so damn slowly but's it's just pulls you in.

    As for fav parts, I have no idea. Mikasa and Eren meeting was pretty awesome, it made her seem kinda psychopathic xD
  10. I thought you started watching it a while ago, when it started airing on Toonami? O.o Lol.

    YUUUS I'm excited for it too. It's gonna be tricky though, I really wanna avoid spoilers, but to do that, I might have to wait until the anime is finished airing in the US. I guess we'll see how the other games go until then.

    Armin will be OP, lulz.

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