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Conversation Between Nesh and Astral_Mage

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  1. What are you talking up btw?
  2. I'm glad to know that you're doing well, college is possibly the best period of a person's life :3
    I'm fine also, still adapting but I'm good
    I might change the picture when I have the chance, this the best I could do with my phone
  3. Hi I'm fine thanks for asking. College is a wonderful experience on its own
    How about you haw have you been?
    I like the picture ^^
  4. Also, do you think we need another picture for our group?
  5. A big Hi to you there!
    How are you? How's life in college?
  6. True, hard work do pay off
    Also, its nice knowing that things are getting better for you & a new chapter of your life starting
  7. Thanks
    I'm glad I studied hard in high school it was worth it.
  8. Hi there! btw, you forgot to ask your question:

    Also, I want to congratulate you on your scholarship, you go girl
  9. It's okay, totally understandable, I want to apologise again myself for replying late, I always reply awfully late
    Your feedback was perfect, it helped me a lot, it is very much appreciated
    I will work on my drawing hopefully I could draw something I have in mind
  10. As of lately I've been replaying pretty late as well. I guess I've been busy with school and extra activities.
    I used the "sandwich feedback"... or at least I tried to. It was mentioned during a presentation class. And I would mentioned again that I very much liked your drawing and I wish to see more of your drawings posted. Looking forward to it actually ^^
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