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Conversation Between Flostier and Albear

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  1. hmmm there is wayyyy too much sand here in my opinion. There is a convention an hour drive away from here, I may be going to it owo)/
  2. Oh. How do you like Cali? I heard there were alot of asian people there. And the biggest Anime convention in america is at Los Angeles!
  3. I'm in California ;o;
  4. Really?? What state are you in?
  5. I've been good, I moved to the USA so I've been busy.
  6. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by again.
    How about you?
  7. Hey! I haven't talked to you in a while ;-; , how have you been?!?
  8. Gun gale is continuing from sword art online, have you seen Sword art?
  9. Cool, I looked at Gun gale online but idk about it, I might wait to actually watch it.
  10. I'm watching Akame ga kill and Gun gale online.
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