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Conversation Between Lady_Baneheart_Of_Blades and PinkGalaxies

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  1. I can do several styles. When I take requests, I generally let people choose which style they want. That includes eyes etc. I'm not sure if I would be able to do coloring for you, but the pages I know I have time for. I haven't really posted a lot of my art online. I showed a dragon I've been painting, but that's it. My DA has a few on there that shows my potential. Here's the link:

    I'm not very pricey. Most requests I do for free. It depends on how much it will cost me to make and how much time it will take.
  2. I'm looking for anime/manga style. Or anyone willing to can show me what they can do...
  3. What kind of art style are you looking for etc?
  4. Yes, I'm looking for a comic artist and colorist that I could pay.
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