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Conversation Between BluGru Mitsuo (Tori) and aether

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  1. hey
  2. I just found a very tasty dish today, salmon cooked in butter and herbs with steamed peas and carrots coated with a cheese sauce!
    Its sooooo good
  3. yea i kno
  4. Oh well nothing we can do about them at present times
  5. very true
  6. Unfortuantely they are a necessity that really aren't a necessity if you know what I mean. All that timed tests do is show that you can recall certain facts within a set timed period amongst other facts needed for that day. The best way of testing someones knowledge is always through larger assignments which can be worked upon throughout the year.
  7. yea i know it is sometimes a pain in the butt
  8. Ahhhh, goodluck for those
  9. no worries it is ok. ive been studying for finals
  10. sorry about late reply, been busy with work past couple of days.
    I'm doing alright I suppose, just fed up feeling tired all the time
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