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Conversation Between RyuTama and mimiruchan

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  1. ".......
    About RyuTama

    Gender Male

    I've been saying she when I talk to/about you. I feel like a jerk now ^^; SORRY
    seriously...there should be no genders. It just hurts my head. @[email protected]
  2. I loved the smell of the blueberry products they make cute little lotion tubs haha
    Accutane is really really harsh on the body. Honestly it sucks and I would only recommend it for people with severe acne. I started to develop cystic acne when I was in grade 11 and was super freaked out I would get scars. A round of accutane and it was gone, luckily no scars ^^; but yes would say only use it if you have severe acne. It kind of made me depressed, I turned into a total vampire lol sunlight is hard on your skin...dries you out like crazy....
    When I used proactive it made my skin worse, dry, super sore, stained all my clothes, completely messed I had like red patches from dry skin, almost like a burn hahah

    But yeah, you should try the blueberry stuff so nice ^_^
  3. ...I actually never knew there was a blueberry label for them omg. I might need to order that instead of the carrots one so I can try it out. O.O Cucumber is nice for everything else, lol I love cucumber/melon stuff especially~. I've heard some bad stuff about Accutane tbh, so I'm really not sure if I'd be willing to try it out. ^^; But yeah Proactive is awful. It didn't make my skin look worse or anything but you could just feel the weirdstuff in the the chemicals sometimes. @[email protected] Blech
  4. hahahah oh my goodness. I love it.
    Thanks Ryu :]
    Seems he is having a good bday after all LOL
  5. v Kaitou has asked me to translate his drunk Peruvian for you.

    "You the true MVP. Thanks."

    *flies away*
  6. The sign-ups will be up in a few days. ^^ You should be able to notice it right away.
  7. Hey! I would love to participate in your game. Let me know when :3
  8. Pretty much anything is possible. Those abilities have existed in previous games. XD

    Troll games are fun, but yeah they can get incredibly frustrating. xD
  9. Also, that would drive me insane hahah
  10. I wonder if you could host a game where you have a single player who can't be killed, can fake vote - so it looks like it counted but their vote actually = 0 lol
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