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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. Sorry if that video made you sad. But you know, I didn't think about that. Thank you so much for the video you sent me! I have seen it before but I still laugh until my stomach hurts everytime! I love it! "give me some coffee... black.. with darkness!". xD Hope this new video I found will make you happy, considering that the last one didn't.

  2. I found a video that's REALLY funny!
    i can't stop laughing!
  3. no i thought the video you posted
    was supposed to cheer me up.
  4. impossible! he died, there is no smiling and cheering in that =/
  5. That video was just sad.
    I thought it was supposed to
    cheer me up.

  6. I remember that scene. It was really tragic, especially since he had just learned that he did have a heart of his own. I would've liked if he had continued
    to live for a little longer so we could've seen how he would've dealt and reacted with that. But.. they are just killing of all the good ones in Bleach I don't like that, I don't like that at all.

  7. I just saw ichigo kill ulquiorra!!!
    i knew what was gonna happen
    but i didn't know all that happened!
    why ichigo why!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. u know how i said that before it was oriheme and ulquiorra
    well it still looks like it.that's why i'm a little disapointed.
  9. hahah! If nothing else I can imagine his face expression after seeing yours - like "o..m..g... time to run!". xD Will you upload it here on the forum? May I see how it looks? So it was just "ok"? Sounds to me like you are little disapointed - like you where expecting something else.
  10. It's finished.
    it was first of oriheme and ulquiorra until
    he edited it and gave it to me.
    u shouldn't have seen my face.:
    it was ok though.
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